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Megadeth – Killing is My Business…and Business is Good

Dave Mustaine didn’t like the original cover of  their first album on Combat Records “Killing is my Business…” so they re-did the album cover for the 2002 reissue which in our fan opinion is not as good and nothing can beat the classic original cover.

Another thing you might not know about their first album is other than the song “Mechanix” which Metallica later re-worked and called the “The Four Horsemen” on “Kill ’em All”  is Megadeth called their first album “Killing is my Business” which would be a reworking of the Metallica tile “Kill ’em All” most likely.

Dave Mustaine writing with Metallica for Kill em All and on the song “Mechanix”, later used the song on the first Megadeth record similar to the title “Kill em All” Megadeth kept the word “Kill” in the title and turned it into “Killing is my Business” replacing Metallica’s phrase “Kill em All”.

No official word from Megadeth on this album title but fans think that’s where it came from. The Megadeth fan base also likes the original album cover better.

Not sure why they are trashing the original album version so much in the article about the artwork and production since the original Killing is My Business release is a classic album anyway, plus he says their new engineer on the record had worked with Kiss which makes Killing is my Business a big album anyway.

No complaints from us, the original Killing is my Business is a classic.

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